What is the Hamilton Challenge?

The Hamilton Challenge is a youth initiative sponsored by The Brian Hamilton Foundation, a non-profit focused on opening the door of entrepreneurship for all.
During this 5 day journey, young people develop basic skills to launch their own venture.  To help increase the number of students who complete the challenge, the Foundation is partnering with teachers and schools to incorporate the Challenge into their classes.
For more info, contact Scott Kelly at [email protected].
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North Carolina State Entrepreneurship Ranking (Forbes)
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Are you a teacher?

Teaching is not an easy job and we hope to make the Hamilton Challenge easy to integrate into your class.  The guide below was created to make your life easier.   If you would like Brian to visit your school before or after the Challenge, you can submit a Speaker Request.

We look forward to working with you and welcome your feedback at [email protected].

The Hamilton Challenge Process

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