Step 2 – Commit

What do you need to start a business?  A customer!  Now let’s go find one.

To secure your first customer, you can allow the customer to chose your service or you can decide which service to offer.


Why not simply ask a friend, neighbor, or relative the following question, “What job could I do for you and how much would you pay?”    


If you would rather offer a specific service, then go for it.  Here’s a list of things you could possibly do:

  • Babysitting, Dog Walking, Lawn care (mowing, raking), Pet Waste Pickup, Powerwashing, Website Building, Helping Elderly with Tech, Social Media Consulting, Tutoring, Car Detailing, Cake Decorating, Running Errands, Cleaning Houses, Creating Greeting Cards, Photography, Creating Videos for Businesses, Organizing Garage Sale, Snow Shoveling



Create a flyer with information about your business.  Simple example is below.  This will be helpful as you share your vision with potential customers.



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The Hamilton Challenge Process