Why the Hamilton Challenge?

We at the Brian Hamilton Foundation believe all students deserve a chance at prosperity.  Not all students will follow the traditional four year higher education path and some students will need other options.  Entrepreneurship can be the key for some youth to unlock the door of opportunity.  

The Hamilton Challenge is a week long educational process for students to launch a small business.  By executing the project, they will learn skills such as creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Accept the Challenge

Myths of Entrepreneurship

MYTH: You can’t teach entrepreneurship since you are born with that ability.
FACT: Everyday students from all background launch new ventures.

MYTH: You are too young to start a business.
FACT: Teens start things every day. You can, too.

MYTH: You must have a brilliant idea.
FACT: Simple, service businesses are best in the beginning.

MYTH: You must be a genius computer geek.
FACT: Entrepreneurs need grit, not high IQs.

MYTH: You’re greedy if you want to make money.
FACT: There’s nothing wrong with a desire to create income for yourself.

MYTH: You need lots of money to start.
FACT: It takes $0 to start babysitting, car detailing, lawn mowing, etc.